solid wood flooring quickly spread

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solid wood flooring quickly spread

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<p>demand. The anti-dumping issue will not have too much impact on the retail market in the short term. With the trend of global procurement of laminate flooring strengthened,<a href=''>cargo trailinger interior wall covering</a> China will become the largest producer of laminate flooring, so the trend of localization will make the price More reasonable. Since entering the second quarter, China's solid wood flooring market has seen dramatic changes in history,how many 1x6 pickets for board on board fence the image of the industry as the 'earthquake.' In fact, simply sum up, 'epicenter' is the most significant two things: First, the price level fully and rapidly rising; Second, the seller's market completely transformed into a buyer's market, trading cool, slow </p>
<p>sales, weak demand.<a href=''>heavy duty composit deck trinidad and tobago</a> From the price level point of view, the main market price of solid wood flooring from 100 yuan to 200 yuan per square meter, jumped to 200 yuan to 300 yuan up and down, the average increase of more than 60%. For solid wood flooring such as red sandalwood,outdoor decking template estimate Eremus arborvitae, Dipterocarpus lanceolata and Papaver spp., Which are produced from precious woods in the tropical rain forest, the market retail price has already exceeded 250 yuan or nearly 300 yuan and is favored by many white-collar workers Teak flooring, the market price tag is almost a week for a change. Now in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other coastal cities </p>
<p>have reached 330 yuan to 350 yuan. Of course, such as shield seedlings,<a href=''>how many deck boards do i i need for a 10x12</a> red sandalwood, rosewood, high-grade hardwood floors, its price is staggering, but because it belongs to non-mainstream sales after all, although compared with the same period last year, can be said to be marked ' High price ', but for most consumers, the threat posed is far less than those of mainstream products. In addition,outdoor wooden railing solutions it is worth mentioning that the remarkable characteristics of the upsurge in the price of domestic wood flooring, in addition to the magnitude of the aforementioned large, but also quickly, progress comprehensive. The general process is that the tide of </p>
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