signs of business promotion everywhere

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signs of business promotion everywhere

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<p>feedback The forest products manufacturing industry has a lag period of 3-6 months for the real estate industry.<a href=''>porch columns and railing</a> Since the housing market has been sluggish since the beginning of the year, the national housing climate index has declined for three consecutive months. As of June this year, the total area of ​​commercial housing sold nationwide was 544.28 million square meters, the highest level in 2012.decorative wood panels for decks Under the pressure of high inventory, the </p>
<p>housing enterprises are still cautious about the market trend,<a href=''>build wood fence over lath</a> taking the pace of the slowdown, the industry is still in adjustment. Due to the drag on real estate, the demand for forest products manufacturing industry is weak, and the development trend is not as good as in previous decking material for pacific northwest The correlation between the FPI index and the national housing climate index is shown in Figure 1. 2. Domestic economic growth slows down. Shipments of </p>
<p>logs and sawn timber from major ports are slow. The price of logs fell,<a href=''>pvc wall panels kerala</a> and importers ordered goods at high prices in February and March. Prices are now hanging upside down, and a large number of wood dealers are losing money. Imports increased from January to May,8 foot lattice privacy fence most of which were converted into an inventory backlog (Zhu Guangqian, 2014.7). 3.6, July is the off-season of traditional manufacturing. Affected by the decline in </p>
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