situation that you want to return the product

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situation that you want to return the product

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Beds were not polished at all, thick and thin, completely uneven. This made her quite surprised that the height of the nightstand was not the same. Three drawers, each with a difference of 1,2 mm. Ms. Guo distressed that this set of furniture could not make her think back to what she had seen in her friends’ home.
The store responds: It is a normal situation that you want to return the product and you must deduct a thousand yuan for Ms. Guo’s experience. The reporter got in touch with Xingli Zunmei Shenglong Store. The owner of the store, Ms. Liu, told reporters because it was a solid wood furniture.
At the splice, there will be considerable gaps. Solid wood is greatly affected by the degree of moisture. Ms. Liu explained that there are no gaps that may result in future destruction. As for the mesa tilt, after all, we do not produce precision instruments.
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