Laminate floor waxing

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Laminate floor waxing

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<P>First select the type of material. There are many kinds of solid wood flooring, such as rosewood, teak, ash, fir, pine and so on. The type is not the same, the price is not the same. So you need to choose the wood floor that suits you, your favorite patterns and colors according to your actual situation and needs.</P>
<P>Second, we have to say that the size of solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring has a standard thickness (18CM or more) and must be selected strictly in accordance with this standard, otherwise its strength and stability will be relatively poor. In terms of size, it is recommended to choose a short, narrow solid wood floor, so that the possibility of such deformation will be relatively small, reducing the occurrence of bending, cracking and other phenomena.</P>
<P>Then there is the issue of moisture content. For solid wood floors, moisture content plays an intuitive role. How much of it is an important factor directly affecting the deformation and cracking of solid wood flooring. You should pay attention to the data in the inspection report when you purchase flooring, or you can use it. Measured by measuring the water content of the instrument, the moisture content of about 7% -12% are qualified products.</P>
<P>Next I will look at processing again. You can feel it with your hand and see if the surface is smooth and flat. Then check whether the installation gap, anti-deformation tank and other places are tight and suitable. Then there is the quality of the substrate. Look at the floor for cracks, blue changes, dead knots, bug eyes, and other wood defects. It doesn't matter if the difference in color is not significant. This is normal.</P>
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