growth stress, high content of rosin

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growth stress, high content of rosin

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<p>stitching, And so on. This is not only related to the quality of the wooden door, beautiful, cleanliness, but also a certain degree of response to the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer. 2, edge, edge of the edge of the door and the door to be connected to the firm, the outer side of the panel and the door to paste a solid, no Alice, cracks, smooth and smooth board, the selected wood can not appear insects. The general professional manufacturers to use the </p>
<p>modern machinery and equipment, the use of imported high-temperature high-pressure sealing edge, the edge of the room after the appearance of a smooth, never crack, and some small workshops are mostly manual operation, edge effect is poor, rough edges, Wooden doors are also prone to deformation and cracking. 3, the door core, the door core to do full of no gaps, as well as to see what material, whether it is real material. There are many kinds of </p>
<p>materials, environmental compliance is it? This depends on whether you can provide written protection, after all, nothing to say that no, write the contract to be true. 4, the door is flat, facing the light, to see whether the shadow of the light shadow is deformed, so you can check out the smoothness of the surface how to. 5, the door sets. The door of the material, the door of the deformation, sagging is a problem. Currently there are two main door sets, MDF and </p>
<p>roof garden flooring<br />
how to build a surround for lay<br />
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